Word Search Answers

We will soon update this page so the pictues are more clear + add all the new Wordsearches in too!

Level 1 Ball Games

Ball Games

                                         Level 2 Body Talk

Body Talk

                                     Level 3 Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens

                                           Level 4 Party Time

Party Time

                                             Level 5 Art Attack

Art Attack

                                            Level 5 Halloween


                                          Level 6 Monopoly


                                              Level 7 W Is For. . .

W Is For. . .

                                            Level 8 School


                                             Level 9 Sea Life

Sea Life

                                           Level 10 Animals


                                      Level 11 Types Of Fruit

Types Of Fruit

                                          Level 12 Vehicles


                                        Level 13 Types Of Jobs

Types Of Jobs

                                             Level 14 Dinosaurs


Level 15 Aternoon Tea Time

Afternoon Tea Time

                                       Level 16 Christmas


                                              Level 17 Sports


                                     Level 18 Asian Countries

Asian Countries

                               Level 19 European Countries

European Countries

                                      Level 20 Types Of Rubbish

Types Of Rubbish

                                    Level 21 Valentines Day

Valentines Day

                                         Level 22 Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo


4 Responses to Word Search Answers

  1. Adam Ioannou says:

    Why isnt there the (African Countries) wordsearch!!

  2. Scribbles says:

    Please notice theres some new word ssearches that are not on here ,sorry .

  3. poo80 says:

    there is a new weevil wheels word search for level 12

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