Weekend Puzzle Code!


Hey Weevils! This weekend,
prize is a cool, orange
wool ball for
 your Bin Pet
to play with! More 
Bin Pet
items coming soon! 


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Bin Bots! & Bin Bugs?

Hey weevils! More updates on the new Bin Bots that are coming soon!

We were looking at the trailer for the new Bin Bots that are coming soon, when we remembered a picture that we had seen before! This picture was found by YoGeez sometime during January 2012. It shows a few Bin Bots and info on them.

Bin Weevils Team had this planed for a while! What are these Bin Bugs? Are they another new feature coming to the Bin in the distant future?


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*NEW!* Bin Weevil Features – Updated

WOW!!! There is just so much things going on in the Bin that i don’t know where to start!

Okay, let’s start with a few new features that have been added to everyone’s nest, and everyone’s weevil.

As you can see, the fitness and the happiness bars have gone! Only the food bar remains! Plus, there is a new type of coin called Dosh Coins! These coins are used to buynew hatsBin Pets etc. Normal Mulch Coins are used only for nest items etc. Dosh Coins can also be used to buy nest itemsnest rooms etc. Bin Tycoons have 40 DoshCoins waiting for them in the Cash Machine right now! The portal that used to bring you to a random Bin area, has also gone, and been replaced with a sneak peek at some awesome new Bin Bots coming very soon! (We suspect that these will be Tycoons Only. Learn more about becoming a Bin Tycoon on the Bin Tycoon Experience page)


The bar at the top of the screen has also been changed!


You can also now change your weevils expressions once again, by clicking on the picture of a mouth, next to the green action button!


Another new feature added to all nests, is the Bin Card. Make sure to log in every day tostamp your card and receive a cool prize! It will either be some Dosh, Mulch, awesome vouchers to spend in shops, puzzle pieces(collect puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle. Once you complete a puzzle, you’ll receive an Ultra Rare nest items that’s not available in any shop! Picture below) exclusive garden seeds or nest items! Some awards are only for Bin Tycoons! If you become a Bin Tycoon, you will also be able to receive these special prizes! Learn more about becoming a Bin Tycoon on the Bin Tycoon Experience page.


We also spotted the Tycoon symbol
on the pipe leading to the Slime Pool.
This means that this area is for Tycoons
Only! And here’s some awesome news!:
Non-Tycoons can now visit Tycoon Island!

Have you noticed
the same symbol
on the pipe leading
to the lounge in
Club Fling? This
also means that
the lounge is a
Tycoon Only area.

Looking around the Bin,
we also noticed that the
door to the Bin Tycoon
Experience video
 has also
disappeared! Where has it


The work on THE BANK OF DOSH has begun!

Dosh is taking the Bin by storm! Himself and Rigg are really pushing the limits so that the world of Bin Weevils will be twice as fun and exciting!
We suspect that THE BANK OF DOSH will be completed very soon! Be sure to stay tuned for all the updates and info right here on Weevily X!


And finally, the Shopping Mall has been given a completely new look for the second time! We think it looks amazing and it makes it much easier to shop!

New Stores include:

  • Nestco! – The perfect little shop to buy anything for your nest! Ceilings, walls, floors, tables, chairs, potted plants, and so much more!
  • BIN MART! – A massive mall inside a mall! The Bin Mart is where you want to get for all the latest, coolest nest items in the bin!

We can see, from the top left corner, that Bin Pets can now be bought by anyone forjust 25 Dosh!






There is also a new owner of the Bin Pet Store, who absolutely loves Bin Pets!


Well, that’s about it for now! Stay tuned for more updates on new features coming to the Bin!


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Bin Weevils Magazine issue #4 – Bonus Mag Quiz!


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Turn your weevil RED, WHITE & BLUE!



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Responsible – new moderator on bw

Responsible is a new moderator on Binweevils!


Responible was the first weevil to be seen on youtube and binweevils (MOSTLY)  

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Binweevils – Being me

Hi weevils. im gonna tell u about being me!

I like partying all day at club fling and what I say is when I say woot you say Special!

Sometime’s I spend time with my freind’s twizzler, akshay, and more.

Sometime’s noob’s come up to me and say “Hi where is my nest”

I ALWAY’S like loling!

Anyway cya weevilz 😀

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