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yo geez 1


Level: 57

Where To Find: Bin-Xtra Chat/Wevilly, Grime Gunge or Mulch Servers at Tycoon Island or Flum’s Fountainl!

Likes: Bin-Xtra, Grime, Acting, Basketball, Buddy’s, Chatting, Chemistry, English, My Weevil, akshay, wato8 And Morton!!

Dislikes: Slime, Football, Idiots, Liars, Music And Al-Azeem



Level: 42

Where To Find: Bin-Xtraa Chat/Wevilly, Gunge Inks Orange Peel!

Likes: Bin-xtra, Gunge, Gerrrards Chat, Football/LiverPool Gerrard, Stevie-g,  Ella, Pop, Morton , Yo Geez 1, Tattoo-Me-Usa,Cheeky, Roxie-redx, Zurpher, Frobby, Ice-Devil And Messy 23.Realy Likes Maths.

Dislikes: Weevils Who Beg And Weevils Who Wind Me Up.


Bin Weevils Level: 44

Human Name: Alice

Human Age: 11

Hobbies: Basketball, Bin weevils, Art, DT, making this website/ and chart music.

Best Likes: Bin weevils, weevily, prawns, twilight, Justin Bieber, drawing/sketching and Street Dancing.

Dislickes: Tomatoes, Cucumber, injections, mazipan, nuts, R.E, Yoga, JLS! and eminem.

Favourite artists: Justin Bieber Rihanna and  Adele

Favourite song: Chris Brown ft Justin Bieber-Next to you!


15 Responses to Author Profiles

  1. milly1666 says:

    how do you get get to be a bin-xtra can milly1666 be one please

  2. pigster111 says:

    Weevil Name: pigster111
    Weevil Level: 53
    Famous for: Bin-Xtra 2, magazines, experiance and mulch.

    • pigster111 says:

      Normally Found: In Grime or Mulch at Flums Fountain, Tycoon Island, Riggs Palladium or Flem Manor.
      Likes: Making magazines, posting on sites and getting richer on binweevils every 4 days!
      Dislikes: Weevils looking for princesses/princes, noobs on binweevils etc.

  3. jk2212 says:

    hi its me jk2212 can i be an author because remember you said you can be an author on binxtraa2 but i cant see me on the this website

  4. jk2212 says:

    also the bin i normally go on is splat ok and i am also doing a mag on thats about news in the bin and me and it has a bit of a puzzle.
    im on level27
    tycoon yes
    my name is jk2212
    famous for level ,nest and a bit of good mag creator!

  5. jk2212 says:

    p.s normally found at tycoon island or flums fountain and i have a secret flums real name is SCRIBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jk2212 says:

    P.S.S my human name is james
    and my human age is 8

  7. says:

    how do u get super anntena?

  8. MARIOAL7390 says:


  9. cool. You have some cool authors:

    yo geez 1







    please do visit my site

  10. Lilly xxx says:

    Keep Calm……..Now FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :$

  11. can I be an author of this site?

  12. seanlego7 says:

    Yo geez, I think its time you had a new addition to the author team.
    Not many authors are posting apart from special, And his author skills are not the best ( No offence special your doing your best) So I think I should be an author. I own a popular site Called Bin Master Cheats and I am a new author at I can post regularly and post things that most people don’t know about. I’m very good at super antennae edited pictures and also I was the first to give them out! I was in the last author poll but lost to Amyawesome and Pigster. I hope that you consider me,


    level 24 and counting!

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