Happy St. Gorge’s Day!

Hey Weevils! It’s St. Gorge’s Day today in the UK and to celebrate, some cool new nest items have been stocked on the shelves at the Shopping Mall! Head on over and get yourself this cool St. Gorge’s Day Wallpaper, flower stickers and shield!

You can also get an awesome St. Gorge’s Day Hat at Hem’s Hat store for a lower price than usual!

And why not change change your weevil to red and white colours! You can change your weevils colour in the weevil changer inside Dosh’s Palace!



About pigster111

Hey guys! My name is pigster111. I am currently on level 61-65. I'm the owner of Weevily X, Weevily X2, and i'm also an author on Bin-Xtra2. You can find me in any Bin Server (mostly Grime) at Flum's Fountain, Tycoon Island, Rigg's Palladium or at the Shopping Mall.
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