Meet Monty, Glamm, and Mudd all this week!

Monty will be popping into random bins, and random bin areas, looking for yellow weevils! You change change your weevil yellow in the Weevil Changer in Dosh’s Palace.

You can find Mudd and Glamm mostly at Tycoon Island. They’ll be looking for weevils to invite them to their nests. If Glamm likes your nest, she might give you an ultra-rare Glamm trophy! If Mudd likes your garden, she might give you a super-shiny Mudd trophy! So get your nest and garden ready for them!

You’ll know if it’s the real Monty, Mudd or Glamm, if any of these special profile pictures pop up when you click on them.



About pigster111

Hey guys! My name is pigster111. I am currently on level 61-65. I'm the owner of Weevily X, Weevily X2, and i'm also an author on Bin-Xtra2. You can find me in any Bin Server (mostly Grime) at Flum's Fountain, Tycoon Island, Rigg's Palladium or at the Shopping Mall.
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5 Responses to Meet Monty, Glamm, and Mudd all this week!

  1. rhiannon says:

    what server u on?

  2. lloyd says:

    random place, random bin, random time? u gotta get all 3 rite. impossible 2 meet em

  3. rog66 says:

    where and which day

  4. kittichai says:

    Mudd and Glamm will mostly b at tycoon islan

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