Golden Weevil – 19/3/20212 + Puzzle Challenge!

Morning Weevils! Today, the Golden Weevil is inside the Shopping Mall (bottom right)!

The Celebrity Party is NOW OPEN! You will need a golden ticket to gain access. To get the golden ticket, you need to collect 6 stamps off the Golden Weevil Hunt.


Here is yesterdays Weekend Puzzle Challenge Code!



A new nest item has arrived in the Souvenir Shop an the Celebrity Party! It’s a statue of weevil from , the memorable, Peel Park! Do you miss Peel Park? Then this is for you!

Get yours today for just over 2,000 mulch at the Celebrity Party today!
Or you can get yourself a bolt from our very own, Kip’s Scrapyard!



About pigster111

Hey guys! My name is pigster111. I am currently on level 61-65. I'm the owner of Weevily X, Weevily X2, and i'm also an author on Bin-Xtra2. You can find me in any Bin Server (mostly Grime) at Flum's Fountain, Tycoon Island, Rigg's Palladium or at the Shopping Mall.
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