The Pirates! New Games!

New games are now playable at The Pirates! Party!

Game one is Beard Weevil which puts you in the shoes of a weevil trying to outrun the tide as you pick up speed boosts, dodge death-defying edges and slow down time.  How far can you get?

In The Perils Of Polly, you play as Polly the Dodo as she tries to outwit the Scientists who are determined to get her down from the various perches dotted around the landscape. Can you dodge the Scientists’ dastardly plots to bring Polly down?

What are you waiting for? Head on over to The Pirates! area now at Slam’s Party Box and have a go! Have fun!



About pigster111

Hey guys! My name is pigster111. I am currently on level 61-65. I'm the owner of Weevily X, Weevily X2, and i'm also an author on Bin-Xtra2. You can find me in any Bin Server (mostly Grime) at Flum's Fountain, Tycoon Island, Rigg's Palladium or at the Shopping Mall.
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