*Bin Weevils Magazine Issue #8! Halloween Special! – Full Cover Breakdown & Analysis!


Hey weevils! Today we take a
look at next months issue of the
Bin Weevils Magazine, issue #8.
For anyone who has not heard
of the 7th issue’s release, please
scroll down below this post. And
for loads of info on the Brand New
Bin Weevils Toys coming soon,
scroll down a bit further.
This issue will be available in
all good stores and newsagents
on the 11th of October, 2012.


Okay, so starting at the very top left corner, and working our way clockwise, first we can see very clearly that there is 5 free gifts included inside this issue. One being a model, which we will get to soon, and another 4 being mystery codes. We are unsure if there are 4 mystery codes, but there is definitely 3.

Beside that, at the very top, we get small look at next months issue’s free nest items. One is definitely a spooky mirror, but unfortunately, we were unable to make out exactly what the second nest item is. The closest thing we came to was a spider web to hang in the corner of your nest room, or a spider itself, but we are not 100% sure.

Next to that, on the top right corner, we see that this issue could very well have something to do with Halloween. Could there be an interview of a Halloween party at Slam’s Party Box? Could there be sneak peeks at some spooky new nest items coming to the Shopping Mall? We can’t be certain, but we assume that there will be at least one of those.

Below that, we can clearly see that next months issue will contain 100 Free, Bin Weevils Stickers!

Underneath that, we get the first look at the third Limited Edition Mulch Mayhem Trading Card. The MONTY Trading Card was a free gift in the previous issue, the GLAMM Trading Card is a free gift in this months magazine, and the MUDD Trading Card will be a free gift in next months magazine.

Next we see a picture of Clott, the SWS Agent, which could mean more SWS Mission games, but we are not sure. He is saying something, but we are unfortunately unable to make out what.

Next we see what appears to be a chance to win 100,000 Mulch. We are not completely sure if there will be a competition for this Mulch prize, but it’s looking like there will be.

Next, just above that, is what appears to be a text, telling us that this issue will contain 4 free mystery codes. Again we are not 100% sure if it says ”codes”but that’s was it seems to be. Underneath the text, you can clearly see the texts ”2 Free Nest Items” and ”10 FreeDosh”, but the rest is covered by the 100,000 Mulch competition notice.

You already know this, but I’m going to say it anyway, above this, and below the ”5 Free Gifts” image, we can completely confirm that this issue will contain a mystery code for 10Dosh.


Issue #8 of the Bin Weevils Magazine will be available in all good stores and newsagents on the 11th of October, 2012.

Well that’s all the information we have for you on this awesome, spooky issue. If you would like to share this on your Wrodpress.com blog, then please re-blog. Remember to like and rate, and enjoy your weekend!



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Weekend Puzzle Challenge Answer!

Hey weevls! Having a good weekend? Weve got another code to share with you!

This weeks prize, is an awsome SWS Poster for your nest! The same one the all the attendants at the Imagine Children’s Festival received!

If you missed your chance to get it last time, at the Imagine Children’s Festival, we’ve got the code for that too!

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Weekend Puzzle Challenge Answer!

Hey weevils! Having a good weekend? We’ve got an awesome, slimy potion for your nest to finish off your Lab’s Lab room! Check it out!


Don’t forget: More potions heading to the Shopping Mall soon! I can’t wait!


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Bin Weevils Magazine Issue #6 – OUT NOW!

Hey weevils!! Finally the 6th issue of the Bin Weevils Magazine is out now! Head on over to your local supermarket or newsagent and grab yourself a copy before they sell out!

Inside, you’ll find two one use only mystery codes, for a cool Clott Throne and a Tink Throne, delicious sweets, a limited edition Monty Trading Card, an interview with Tink and Clott, and so much more!!


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NEW! Bin Pet Ball Toys – OUT NOW at NESTCO!

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Weekend Puzzle Challenge Answer!

Hey weevils! Hope your having a good weekend!!


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Mega Sale!! – All Thrones At The Shopping Mall Half Price!!

Hey there royal weevils of the Bin!! All thrones at the Shopping Mall have been cut to half price!! A whopping 50% off all thrones! You can’t afford to miss this!!


The Bin Weevils Magazine issue 6 will be available from the 8th of August!

For more info on the Bin Weevils Magazine, click here and visit the official site!


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